12 Bamboo Toilet Paper Brands to Try in 2024

Switching to Bamboo toilet paper is one of the easiest ways you can be kinder to the planet, and yourself. Start 2024 with a resolution to switch, and you’ll never go back. Enjoy our updated list of the best brands to try in 2024 or keep reading to see if we can convince you to switch! 

Why Use Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo has a naturally high absorbency rate, meaning you need less on each wipe. Switching to bamboo paper could immediately save paper and money. I have found that one box of Who Gives a Crap has lasted over 6 months in a household of three people.

Because bamboo is quicker to grow, it requires little energy and water to grow. That means you get more paper, quicker for less environmental impact.

In line with their eco credentials, bamboo brands often package in bamboo, or recycled paper covers, or ship in bulk boxes to cut down on shipping impacts.

Choosing bamboo products which certify where they supply their bamboo from can help to ensure the swap is worth it. Sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, along with fair worker treatment, is essential to worthwhile bamboo toilet paper.  

Is it softer and kinder on my skin?

Yes it can be. The bamboo fibres are finer than wood pulp and more absorbent to make it feel that bit smoother. With fewer chemical treatments on the paper it can also be better for your skin. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper good for septic tanks?

Yes it is. Bamboo loo paper is actually better for septic tanks than traditional wood pulp. It is much less dense, which means it breaks down quicker than traditional paper reducing the potential for clogging the tank. With less toxins or bleach used in production, the toilet paper will give off less toxins which could otherwise run into the local watercourse. 

Is Bamboo Sustainable?

Bamboo is often considered an eco-friendly material, for use in a variety of products including bamboo toilet paper. It is a fast-growing, sustainable crop which doesn’t need much looking after. It requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. There are many different species of bamboo, meaning it can be grown in a variety of different climates. It does usually grow best in warmer, more humid climates. It’s used in construction, food, and more recently, textiles. 

The real question remains: is bamboo sustainable? Some of the eco-benefits of bamboo include:

  • Absorbs greenhouse gases – A benefit of bamboo is that it can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This helps to remove greenhouse gases from the environment, and replace it with essential oxygen.
  • Fast growing – Bamboo can reach full growth in as few as 3 months, rather than the 30 years of other trees. 
  • Regrows from its roots – When harvested, the roots remain intact and the plant re-grows from the roots. This means it doesn’t need to be replanted, and the soil doesn’t get disturbed. 
  • Naturally antibacterial – Bamboo fibres are antibacterial, because of an antimicrobial bio-agent called bamboo kun which appears naturally in the plant. 

FSC-Certified Bamboo

FSC certification is the gold standard in responsible sourcing and production for bamboo products including toilet paper. You will see the logo on some brand packs including many of our listed brands. To become FSC certified, the brand needs to demonstrate sustainable cultivation, ethical labour practices, traceability and environmental conservation.

When you’re making the switch to eco-friendly bathroom essentials, don’t just stop at shampoo bars and vegan haircare, bamboo toilet paper is just one more stop on the eco train. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper

The Best Bamboo Toilet Paper to try in 2024

Bamboo toilet paper is here to help make the switch to more planet-friendly products that little bit easier. The One Edit is on hand to give you the low down on the top brands making this bamboo toilet paper, and how good it actually is. Discover the 12 brands putting the bamboo in toilet tissue. 

  1. Bumboo 
  2. Who Gives a Crap 
  3. Bazoo
  4. The Cheeky Panda 
  5. Panda Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper 
  6. Naked Sprout 
  7. Green Cane  
  8. Reel 
  9. Grove 
  10. No. 2 
  11. Bim Bam Boo 
  12. Bamboo Bobbi
bamboo toilet paper

Discover our top 12 picks for the best bamboo toilet paper brands 2024:

1. Bumboo

Created to encourage us to live in greater harmony with the environment, Bumboo makes bamboo toilet paper. Made from 100% super-soft bamboo with 100% plastic-free packaging. Passionate about reducing their footprint, Bumboo pledge to plant trees with their ‘Buy One, Plant One’ initiative through Eden Reforestation Projects. Choose from a one-time purchase or sign up for a number of available subscriptions of bamboo toilet paper straight to your door.

2. Who Gives a Crap?

Certified B-Corp, with a sense of humour, Who Gives A Crap? make bamboo toilet rolls with exciting plastic-free packaging. Around 40% of the world do not have access to a proper toilet. Finding this out, Simon, Jehan and Danny, started the company in 2012 thanks to a toilet-related fundraiser. Now, they donate 50% of their proceeds, and work with impactful organisations to help fund toilets in the developing world – meaning they’ve donated over $10,800,000 AUD! With carbon neutral shipping, and sustainably sourced bamboo, it’s a no-brainer to try their bamboo toilet paper.  

3. Bazoo

Using 100% FSC certified sustainable bamboo, zero plastic packaging, Bazoo are carbon negative and make tree-free toilet paper. Their superplant toilet paper uses 65% less carbon emissions than regular toilet paper, and 30% less than recycled toilet paper. They donate 10% of their profits to rebuilding habitats, and protecting rainforests (with Rainforest Trust) and oceans (with Just One Ocean) across the world. Choose from bamboo toilet tissue wrapped with colourful animal wrapping, unbleached rolls, or the classic white paper. All 3-ply, all hypoallergenic, and all good for the planet! Next time you’re restocking on loo roll, why not opt for bamboo toilet paper.

try bamboo toilet paper in 2022

4. The Cheeky Panda 

The Cheeky Panda makes unwrapped bamboo toilet rolls that are 100% plastic-free and available in bulk, so you can cut your waste even more. Bamboo toilet roll is soft, eco-friendly, and doesn’t fall apart.

The Cheeky Panda Toilet Rolls

Sourced from the Forest Stewardship CouncilVegan, and certified by Cruelty Free International, this bamboo toilet paper gets your eco-lifestyle on a roll. 

5. Panda Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Created to be a luxurious, eco resource, Panda Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper are what they say on the tin. Bamboo toilet paper is exactly what this 50 year Family-Owned independent hygiene supply business makes. With its own FSC accreditation, this bamboo toilet paper is made with bamboo from sustainably managed, local farming co-operatives. With fully recyclable and compostable packaging, choose bamboo toilet paper for your business or home needs. 

6. Naked Sprout 

The British home of sustainable tissue, Naked Sprout make unbleached bamboo toilet paper, kitchen roll, and tissues for your every eco need. With carbon neutral delivery, this B-Corp helps to reduce deforestation and donates with every purchase. Partnering with Just a Drop they help to provide children in Kenya with safe drinking water and hygiene systems. They also publish their environmental impact report to make their practice more transparent. Next time you find yourself reaching for a new roll, consider bamboo toilet paper. 

sustainable bamboo toilet paper

7. Green Cane 

Whether you’re shopping for home or business, bamboo toilet paper from New Zealand company, Green Cane, can lighten your impact on the planet. This plastic-free, sustainable toilet paper is made from bamboo and recycled sugarcane. Farming these grasses has an extremely low environmental impact, requiring very little other than sun and water. Vegan friendly, biodegradable, as well as GMO and BPA free, this bamboo toilet roll can make your trips to the WC that much more comfortable, and that much lighter on the planet! 

8. Reel

Tree-free bamboo toilet paper brand Reel Paper was started in 2019 with the goal to help eliminate the threat of illness posed by a lack of access to toilets. Working alongside charity partner, SOIL, who have been transforming waste into useful resources in Haiti since 2006, they give back with each roll. With ​​no ink or dyes, sustainably sourced bamboo and plastic-free packaging, Reel deliver their bamboo toilet paper before you need it. 

9. Grove

Bamboo toilet paper isn’t the only thing Grove, creators of sustainable home-goods to transform your life, make. Grove creates and curates over 150 sustainable, high-performing brands so you never have to choose between a clean home and a clean planet. Seedling by Grove is their 3-ply bamboo toilet rolls made from 100% responsibly-grown bamboo. With plastic-free packaging, a certified B-Corp status, and every Seedling order funding their tree planting initiative with the Arbor Day Foundation, it’s another great option for your next bamboo toilet paper purchase. 

bamboo toilet paper brands

10. No. 2 

Not only is the name brilliant, but No. 2 may be your first port of call when you’re on the hunt for bamboo toilet paper with a superior wipe that’s also good for mother earth. Made from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo, these rolls are durable, soft, and strong. Claiming to have 95% less “Butt crumble” (the small bits some tissue may leave behind) than other tissue brands, to leave you feeling clean. With stylish soy ink printed packaging, you can embrace the artwork of your bamboo toilet roll tower instead of hiding in the cupboard. Choose a one-time order, or subscribe to never get stuck on an empty roll.   

11. Bim Bam Boo

Bim Bam Boo make environmentally friendly, sustainable, bamboo toilet paper that’s velvety soft to the touch. With anti-microbial ingredients, their bamboo formula can provide plant-based support as you go about your business. No lint is left behind, the tissue is hypoallergenic, and has a neutral pH to help keep those all important areas in check. One-time purchase and subscription options available. Receive rewards for referring a friend, and earn eco-points for more rewards. 

12. Bamboo Bobbi 

A new discovery for us this summer. The first thing to notice about this Bamboo Toilet paper is the colour. Unlike many of their competitors, the toilet paper is not white, but a light brown colour. This unbleached colour is the first hint that Bamboo Bobbi is truly eco friendly. They are also 100% FSC Virgin Bamboo which means that you can be sure the roll is 100% bamboo, not bamboo and other bits.

A pack of Bamboo Bobbi Toilet Roll

The tough roll doesn’t squish too much, which is a good thing, whilst the actual toilet tissue feels soft and gentle. We like the fact that our purchases will also be doing good. Through their ‘1% for the planet’ membership the brand donated over £35,000 in just two years, so every time we buy a roll we are helping the planet – twice! 

Bamboo For the Future

Switching up your routines to include planet-friendly alternatives is easier than ever. With more sustainable sneaker brandsalternatives to fast fashion, and vegan skincare brands to choose from – making conscious swaps is simple. Finding new ways to adapt your life to help the environment can help you feel you’re making a little less of an impact, and the planet a little lighter too.

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