10 Bamboo Products we Love (and you might too…)

Bamboo products are becoming a popular staple in sustainable households. More than just a panda’s favourite food, bamboo is becoming the go-to material for eco-friendly products. From toilet paper to underpants and more, many brands are making the most of bamboo’s versatile capabilities. If you are trying to make some sustainable swaps in your life, here are 10 top bamboo products you have to try! 

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5 Reasons to Try Bamboo Products? 

Bamboo products aren’t as new as they may seem. Throughout history, bamboo has been used because it’s strong and easy to grow. It is becoming more popular now as conscious creators identify bamboo as a more sustainable option. But what makes bamboo an eco-friendly material? Here are 5 top reasons why bamboo is sustainable

  1. Bamboo is fast growing – Bamboo can reach full growth in as little as 3 months. Compare this with trees which can take 30 years! As a result, bamboo is a relatively renewable material since it can be grown as fast as it is used up, unlike plastics which are created from rapidly depleting oil resources.
  2. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases – Like many plants, bamboo absorbs  carbon dioxide (that gas known to trap the sun’s rays and contribute to global warming). Unlike most plants though, bamboo absorbs CO2 at a faster rate. When compared to pine trees, bamboo absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide
  3. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial – Bamboo fibres are antibacterial thanks to a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent called bamboo kun which grows in the plant. This comes with two benefits. Firstly, when bamboo is grown less pesticides need to be used, minimising the chance of harm to animals and chemical runoff into water supplies. Secondly, bamboo material requires cleaning less frequently therefore helping to reduce water and chemical usage. 
  4. Bamboo is extremely versatile – Bamboo is gentle enough to make baby’s nappies and strong enough to build roads! This means that once harvested, the majority if not all of the plant can be used. Consequently, less of it ends up in waste.
  5. Bamboo regrows from its roots – When bamboo is harvested, the roots remain intact, and the plant simply regrows. Since there is no need for replanting, the soil is able to stay intact and the structure of the landscape is strengthened. This is beneficial as bamboo can grow on steep slopes and help protect areas susceptible to heavy rain, flooding and landslides. 

If you are going on an eco-journey, make sure you leave room for bamboo products to join you on the ride! 

10 Bamboo Products We Love

So you’ve decided to embrace bamboo products, but where do you start? Bamboo toilet paper is perhaps the plant’s most well known product, but bamboo is so versatile its uses extend way beyond. Whether it’s for the home or for on the go, there are bamboo products for virtually every aspect of our lives! 

Discovering them all whilst also ensuring you’re buying from companies who are committed to sustainable farming practices and fair worker treatment can feel like a lot. To help you out, here are some of our top picks to get you started: 

  1. Toilet Paper from Naked Sprout
  2. Bedding from Cosy House
  3. “Denim” Jeans from BAM
  4. Dog Bowls from Beco Pets
  5. Glasses from Panda
  6. Toothbrushes from The Humble Co.
  7. Pads and Tampons from Here We Flo
  8. Reusable Travel Cup from WAKEcup
  9. Sustainable Activewear from Jillia Active
  10. Underwear from Boody
bundles of green bamboo shoots in metal buckets ready to be made into bamboo products.

1. Toilet Paper from Naked Sprout

Bamboo loo roll is possibly one of the most well known bamboo products currently on the market. It can do everything your current toilet tissue does but with a lighter weight on the planet. Naked Sprout is one of Britain’s leading sustainable tissue companies. They use a carbon neutral manufacturing process to create affordable, bleach and chemical free bamboo toilet rolls. Alongside doing environmental good, Naked Sprout also does social good. They are partnered with Just a Drop who work to bring clean water and sanitation to over 32 countries across the globe. Every Naked Sprout purchase helps provide a child in Kenya with safe water at school. Bumboo or Who Gives a Crap are two other fantastic bamboo toilet roll brands worth trying today.

2. Bedding from Cosy House

Bamboo products don’t come much more comfy than Cosy House’s luxury bedding. With bamboo bed sheets, pillows and duvets from Cosy House, you can sleep peacefully knowing your bedding isn’t harming the environment. Aside from being luxuriously soft, there are a lot of benefits to having bamboo bedding. Cosy House believe that they harness the antibacterial properties of bamboo to create sheets that are hypoallergenic and more hygienic than cotton alternatives. What’s more, the bamboo fabric is supposed to have thermal-regulating properties that balance your body’s temperature whilst you’re sleeping so you can get a blissful night’s rest. With Cosy House you can give your bedroom the bamboo makeover it deserves!

3. “Denim” Jeans from BAM

A creative and sustainable company, BAM is leading the way when it comes to bamboo clothing. Their showstopper is their recently released bamboo 73Zero Denim Jeans. What’s with the name? 73% of clothing ends up in landfill or is incinerated and BAM are committed to helping that number get to zero. Their bamboo jeans feature an unscrewable button so that they can be fully recycled with ease rather than ending up in landfill. Made in male and female sizes, the jeans are so soft and flexible you can even practise yoga or go climbing in them. If you don’t fancy working out in your jeans however and are looking for some sustainable activewear, then BAM makes that too! 

4. Dog Bowls from Beco Pets

Want to make your carbon pawprint smaller? Then why not invest in some eco-friendly pet essentials! One of our favourites is Beco Pets’ bamboo doggie bowls. Beco Pets’ aim is to make the highest quality products in a more sustainable way, so you can care for your dog at the same time as looking after our planet. Their recyclable bamboo bowls are easily affordable and look stylish in any contemporary home. We love Beco Pets for their professional and personal commitment to protecting the planet. Not only is the company part of 1% for the Planet but also, team members take part in beach and riverbank clean ups and run half marathons to raise money for animal and environmental causes.

Two bamboo toothbrushes on a marble surface next to a sustainable jar of toothpaste alternative.

5. Glasses from Panda

Panda is a sustainable fashion brand who make bamboo glasses so you can help the environment and look good whilst doing it! With their sleek designs, Panda want to show their customers that ethical fashion doesn’t mean compromising on style. Whether it’s with a pair of their plastic free sunglasses or prescription glasses, Panda helps you to protect your eyes whilst protecting the planet. They utilise bamboo’s robust nature to make durable glasses that will last and not end up in landfill. Panda are not only environmentally friendly, but they have also teamed up with Optometry Giving Sight. This means that for every pair of Panda sunglasses sold, an individual in need receives a medical eye examination as well as a pair of prescription glasses for free. 

6. Toothbrushes from The Humble Co.

Two billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill every year. However, brushing our teeth isn’t something we can just give up! Even if, like me, you’re guilty of sometimes using your toothbrush for longer than the recommended 3 months, it will still end up in a rubbish dump. The Humble Co. have created 100% biodegradable, sustainable bamboo toothbrushes to try and counter this wastage. With ranges for kids and a variety of bristle options, they have a toothbrush for everyone. The company has an eco-friendly manufacturing process and packaging policy to make their environmental footprint as small as possible. They also have the Humble Smile Foundation which brings oral care to vulnerable children around the world. Great for your teeth, great for humanity and great for the planet, these bamboo toothbrushes are a welcome addition to your eco-friendly bathroom essentials

7. Pads and Tampons from Here We Flo

The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill is centuries longer than the lifespan of the individual who used it. In addition to that, the process of manufacturing these products is resource and chemical intensive. Periods can be bad enough without worrying about the harm you’re doing to the planet! Here We Flo makes organic bamboo period products that are biodegradable, chemical free and can be delivered right through your letterbox. This fun, female owned company wants to empower women and believes that anything put inside our bodies should be natural and not harm mother nature. Not a bad philosophy! They also donate 5% of all their profits to charities who are fighting period poverty and FGM.

8. Reusable Coffee Cup from WAKEcup

For many of us, a morning coffee is an essential part of the day. If you’re taking your coffee to go though you could be contributing to the estimated 30,000 tonnes of annual waste created from single use cups. There are lots of different types of coffee out there to discover, and what better way to try them than with a reusable bamboo coffee cup.

WAKEcup’s bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainably farmed bamboo and has a stainless steel inside to keep your drink hot or cold. The leak-proof lid and snap top ensure there are no spillages. You can even personalise your cup to make it extra special. WAKEcup are a zero-waste reusables brand with a mission to end single-use plastic pollution for good. 

9. Sustainable Activewear from Jillia Active

Jillia Active is just one amazing sustainable activewear brand who are making it better than ever to get exercising. The company makes bamboo leggingsbamboo sports brasbamboo tee-shirts and so much more. Not only does Jillia Active claim that bamboo has temperature regulating qualities to keep you cool and comfortable whilst working out, but also, bamboo is antibacterial and deodorising to keep you feeling fresh too! Jillia Active also cares about the ethics of their company. They are transparent about their supply chain and have taken part in the Fashion Revolution campaign #WhoMadeMyFabric. What’s more, Jillia Active uses plastic free packaging which is made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials to cut down their environmental impact. Their activewear is so comfy and stylish, you won’t believe they’re bamboo products!

10. Underwear from Boody

Boody believes comfy clothing is nothing without peace of mind. That’s why their everyday underwear is designed to be durable and eco-friendly, meaning you can get dressed in the morning with a guilt free conscience. Boody’s stock of bamboo products range from men’s boxers, briefs and trunks to women’s bikini and brief bottoms. As a company built on sustainable values, Boody has a long list of impressive eco certifications. Alongside being a B-Corporation, their bamboo plantations are FSC certified and the viscose fabric made from this bamboo is certified organic by Ecocert. They are also part of the Fashion Forever Green Pact who are dedicated to the responsible sourcing and sustainable production of clothing items.

Bamboo For the Future

Living sustainably doesn’t mean having less options. Bamboo products are joining the ranks of vegan hair care brands and sustainable fashion companies which are making it easier than ever to live life to the fullest without sacrificing the health of the planet. Next time you’re shopping, why not try bamboo products and make a choice that is as good for mother earth as it is for you!