The Best Men’s Vegan Skincare Brands to Try This Summer

The range of the best men’s vegan skincare products continues to rise, helping us chaps look good and feel great. We’ve added a few more skincare brands that our team have been trialling this year.

Switching to vegan means you can be kinder to your skin and to the environment. It means no animal hormones on your skin that cause irritation, no animal testing and fewer chemicals which is always good for the planet.

Our range of men’s skincare brands takes in challenger brands like Bulldog, more established brands like Molton Brown and Neal’s Yard, plus the one that started it all – the Body Shop.

12 Men’s Vegan Skincare Brands To Try This Year

Looking after your skin, as well as the planet, has never looked so good:

  1. Bulldog
  2. Mancave
  3. Heath
  4. Cali Hndsme
  5. Neal’s Yard Remedies
  6. Green People
  7. Molton Brown
  8. The Body Shop
  9. Heavenly Organics
  10. Kings Grooming
  11. Lush
  12. The Gruff Stuff

A selection of Vegan Men's Skincare brands including Bulldog, Heath and Mancave

When checking for their vegan credentials, check that the brand has trust marks like the leaping bunny certification, vegan approved  or the PETA ‘beauty without bunnies’ logo.


Founded in 2005, Bulldog Skincare are leading the way for men’s skincare. With a selection of skincare, shaving and body products, they’re the perfect men’s vegan skincare brand and a personal favourite of the author. The range has expanded to include moisturisersface wash and lip balm plus eco razorsshower gel and more. 

All of their products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, certified by Cruelty Free International, and free from plastic microbeads. They even have a tube recycling scheme with First Mile in a process which powers itself, making it carbon neutral.

Bulldog moisturisers keep your skin hydrated, lip balms keep lips soft, and face scrubs leave you energised and refreshed. You can tailor your men’s vegan skincare routine to suit your skin’s needs by choosing between their Original, Sensitive, Energising, and Oil Control ranges. 


Mancave is cool men’s skincare brand from Aimtru, a Derby (UK) based ‘holistic and health wellbeing movement.’ We spotted their haircare products in Waitrose and popped back to try their moisturiser. Certified cruelty free and vegan friendly their original moisturiser is nice and thick that absorbs quickly to make your skin feel more hydrated. It is made with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera White Tea, Cucumber extract and Willow, with bark. The recycled plastic tube is also good the environment, and the gentle (we think) pine smell is stronger than, say, Bulldog but it’s very pleasant!


Heath London have a swish looking set of men’s skincare ‘designed for the urban man’ which can also be found on suburban Waitrose shelves, which is lucky for us! Once we’d got over the size difference between box and product we found a smooth moisturiser that applies easily making the skin ‘tingle’ for a minute or two after, which must be their ‘mood boosting benefits!’ The flowery (we’re not great on identifying smells) is pleasant.

Heath London Vegan Men's Skincare

Cali Hndsme 

Catering towards, but not exclusively, Black male consumers, Cali Hndsme are a men’s vegan skincare company paving the way for consumers looking to look after their skin and their minds. The brand is about inspiring men to love their appearance and show the best version of themselves. 

Cali Hndsme’s skincare products are vegan and free from cruelty, gluten, parabens, and sulphates. Their men’s vegan skincare line includes a face wash, toner, and moisturiser made from natural ingredients like seaweed, green tea, and tea tree oil. Their newest venture is a Beard Pencil made to keep your facial hair looking its best between barber appointments.  

men's vegan skincare can help you feel your best

Neals Yard Remedies

Cruelty-free, carbon neutral and organic beauty brand, family-owned Neal’s Yard Remedies, was established in 1981. The brand commits to never testing their organic, ethically-sourced products on animals. Made in their eco-factory in North Dorset, Neal’s Yard make skincare and beauty products for everyone. 

Their men’s vegan skincare range features a moisturiser, face scrub, face wash, shave cream and aftershave balm to complete every step of your skin care routine. 

Green People

UK-based natural and organic skincare brand, Green People, make men’s vegan skincare. Founder Charlotte began Green People in 1997 after her daughter had suffered with skin allergies and eczema and struggled to find products to help. Charlotte played a huge role in setting natural and organic cosmetic regulations. 

Green People make men’s vegan grooming products including moisturisers, shaving gels, and face scrubs. In their stylish black packaging, they are ideal for those looking to make more responsible skincare decisions for their skin and the planet. 

relax and care for yourself with men's vegan skincare

Molton Brown

Luxurious soaps come to mind when the brand Molton Brown is mentioned, but the British fragrance makers also make men’s skincare products. Their men’s skincare range are all vegan except for their vitamin lipsaver which is vegetarian friendly. You’ll find their men’s vegan skincare products in sleek blue packaging. Molton Brown became Leaping Bunny approved in 2012, now offer refillable products in their stores, and have been using 100% renewable electricity at their Elsenham facility since 2016. They’re 100% vegetarian, so always check the label of specific products to ensure which ones are vegan.

The Body Shop

High Street staples, The Body Shop make skincare and beauty products with a key priority being sustainability and cruelty free. The Body Shop do in fact make men’s vegan skincare, including a mattifying moisturiser, shaving and post-shave products, and you can even take a dive into men’s vegan hair care brands by trying out their beard oils. The Body Shop are committed to the plant-based side of life, so you’ll find natural ingredients in their skincare. In 2021, they pledged their entire portfolio of products would be certified by The Vegan Society by the end of 2023 – an aim which they have announced they have achieved

men's vegan skincare looks after the planet and your skin

Heavenly Organics

Made from organic and natural ingredients, Heavenly Organics provide a range of skin and beauty options for those wanting to simplify their self care routines. In their glass jars and simple labels, Heavenly Organics make unisex products but recognise some more masculine fragrances may be more suited to some than others. 

Their men’s vegan skincare range features body butters, face oils, and shaving oils. Their glass jars are recyclable, or you can simply refuse them by refilling with product refills that come in compostable bags. Simple, vegan, good for you and the environment. What’s not to like?

Kings Grooming

More than just men’s vegan skincare, Kings Grooming carry with them an important message. Men’s mental health is one of the building blocks of the men’s vegan skincare brand. The incentive is to get men feeling good about themselves, and encourage a conversation. Kings Grooming donate to men’s mental health charities, and encourage their community to get talking with their Talk Clubs. The premise behind the club being a men’s mental fitness club. 

A worthy cause and worthy skincare: Kings Grooming make men’s vegan skincare products that are cruelty free, registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International. Their aftershaves are PETA approved and made without parabens or palm oil. 

men's vegan skincare products for radiant skin


Chances are you’ve probably smelt a Lush store before you’ve seen one. Unisex cosmetics comapny, Lush, make colourful products, like shampoo bars, from natural ingredients that are never tested on animals. Lush believes all companies should be ‘ethical’, so they don’t label themselves as one. 

Founded in 1995, bath bombs are what they’re known for, but they make great men’s vegan skincare options. Find skincare in bar form, as well as cleansers, soaps, creams, and masks in low impact packaging or packaging-free options.

The Gruff Stuff 

The Gruff Stuff are a genderless and inclusive vegan skincare brand based in England. The premium brand is vegan, cruelty free and offsets its carbon through climate protection projects. The aim is to make skincare simple and accessible to all. 98% of their ingredients are natural, and instead of adding water to their products they use soothing aloe juice as an alternative. 

Sustainability and simplicity are at the heart of the brand. Their award winning skincare features a no-fuss spray-on moisturiser, body lotion, and an anti-ageing eye serum. 

try these men's vegan skincare brands today

Men’s Vegan Skincare For The Future

Men’s skincare is on the rise, and as we become more invested in the way we shop and how it affects the planet, it’s clear men’s vegan skincare is here to stay. These are our top  picks of the men’s vegan skincare brands you need to try this summer.

A perfect starting points for men looking to improve their vegan skincare and self-care routines. It starts with taking a little time to look after yourself in the morning, as well as making more conscious decisions when it comes to the brands you shop from. Why not try some of these men’s vegan skincare products and make a change to your daily routine today.