What is a Shampoo Bar?

Shampoo bars offer a plastic-free alternative to standard shampoo bottles. However, many of us are loyal to our hair products so making the jump to a new formula can be scary. We delve into what shampoo bars are, the benefits for both your hair and the environment, and how you can use this zero-waste cleanser yourself.

What are Shampoo Bars?

A shampoo bar is exactly what is says on the tin – a bar of shampoo. These bars often resemble bars of soap, but instead of sanitising your hands, they work to cleanse your scalp and locks. Many eco-friendly companies are creating shampoo bars as a way to escape the large use of plastic in the cosmetics industry. These bars of shampoo often come in just a cardboard box, effectively becoming a zero-waste product. Due to the nature of the brands that create these products, you’ll also find the vast majority are vegan haircare brands, and use majoritively natural ingredients.

shampoo bars are a plastic free alternative to regular bottled shampoo

Shampoo is not the only haircare and beauty item to be turned into bar form. Many brands that create shampoo bars also create conditioner bars, and some places even create bodycare products – such as oils – in this bar form.

The Benefits of Shampoo Bars

When discovering what a shampoo bar is, you’ll also unearth the many benefits these products have to offer. Aside from the most obvious benefit of being plastic free, there are lots more advantages you can enjoy.

  • Plastic Free / Zero Waste – ditching the plastic bottles has never felt so good with shampoo bars! You can get that squeaky clean feeling without wasting precious resources.
  • Eco Friendly – due to the lack of plastic, as well as the often naturally derived ingredients, shampoo bars are often more eco-friendly than traditional hair cleansers. 
  • Travel Friendly – everyone has experienced a leaking shampoo bottle whilst travelling. With shampoo bars you can say goodbye to this – simply pop your bar in a tin and you’re good to go (without taking up precious liquid allowances on your flight).
  • Long Lasting – it is claimed that a shampoo bar will on average last between 80 -100 washes. So if you wash your hair twice a week a bar could last as long as a year!
  • Cost Effective – due to the longevity of these shampoo products they can be extremely cost effective – saving you money in the long run.

With so many benefits to shampoo bars, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to this eco alternative.

How to Use Shampoo Bars

Each shampoo bar will come with its own set of instructions, however they are very simple to use. Either rub the bar between your hands, releasing the product that you can then massage onto your scalp and hair, or rub the bar directly onto wet hair. 

are shampoo bars easy to use?

When you start out using a shampoo bar it may take a little while for your hair to get used to it. However, you should power on as with time you’ll adore the fresh feeling your hair is left with. Due to the thicker nature of this product, you will want to ensure you thoroughly rinse your tresses after using to get rid of the shampoo entirely. 

5 Shampoo Bars to Try Today

Now you’ve discovered all there is to know about shampoo bars, you may be wondering where you can get your hands on these eco-friendly products. Lots of brands both small and large are making a step toward plastic-free shampoos, meaning there’s lots of choice!

  • Eco Warrior – the Little Soap Company has a range of bar products, including the Eco Warrior Shampoo Bar. This vegan and cruelty free option promotes healthy hair, and is even in line with the Curly Girl Method!
  • Earth Kind – create a range of shampoo bars and conditioner bars that are made from natural ingredients. All their products are sulfate-free and cruelty-free too!
  • Soul and Soap – is an ethical bath and body care brand. Their range of shampoo bars comes in gorgeous scents from coconut, to watermelon, to mint. With vegan options available you won’t be stuck for choice!   
  • Garnier – new to the shampoo bar game, this well-known haircare brand has created a plastic-free range to target damaged, fragile, normal, and dull hair.
  • Lush – famous for their spa-like products, Lush have a large range of shampoo bars. Alongside their shampoos, you can also purchase travel pots made from tin or cork, to take your bar with you wherever you go!

Making the Switch to Shampoo Bars

The thought of switching up your beauty routine can be daunting, but the benefits of shampoo bars make the jump worth it! As we all take steps to be more eco-friendly, this plastic-free shampoo is a perfect way to do your part. Whether you’re super eco-conscious, or are just interested in trying out a new formulation, shampoo bars are most definitely here to stay.